Thursday, October 22, 2009

Homework Help is Closer Than You Think

Whether your third grader is working on a project about the solar system, or you are a grad student working on a thesis we have homework help for you online.

· Elibrary offers children some of the latest newspaper, magazine and reference book articles as well as pictures that will spice up that report.

· Wilson Omni File allows students of all ages to search professional and popular journals and magazines for information for reports. They also provide the proper citation of the articles for footnotes and bibliography lists in your papers.

· Net Library is for those hard to find books that you need for research. Library patrons can check out and read books online that may be hard to find otherwise.

· Learning Express has practice tests for all the standardized tests you may need to take. From GED to GRE you can find test preparation help through Learning Express.

These and other databases are available at the library website

Ask a librarian about the services available on the library webpage..


Monica said...

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james said...

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