Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mad Science at the Library

Come to our Splish Splash Science program at the South Sioux City Public Library, 2121 Dakota Ave. on Wednesday June 9 at 4:30. A GREAT show is coming your way, with many kid volunteers planned. Mad Science is taking the word “Splash” liberally for this summer’s “Make a Splash at Your Library” reading program theme!! The show will start off with a wonderful water magic trick, then draw from the likes of: Saving a Viking ship from a rogue wave; emulating an indoor rocket blastoff a couple of different scientific ways – complete with a “launch” surprise; demonstrating the theory about how the dinosaurs became extinct; crating beautifully colored layered water; shooting foam from a “fire hose”; pouring liquid to create stalagmites right before your eyes; blowing up balloons (and exploding them) in a couple of different scientific ways; creating a cloud in a bottle; and bring to life a wonderful effervescent glowing water fountain!! This program is designed to please those of all ages. We will host this program in the South Sioux City Public Library’s cafĂ©.

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