Thursday, May 19, 2011

Novel Destinations Reading Challenge

The South Sioux City Public Library would like to invite all adults to take a Novel Destinations Reading Challenge.  Sign-up for the Summer Reading Program beginning June 1st and read as many books as you like.  The novel twist is that the number of books you read will be multiplied by the number of continents you visit through your reading.

For example, say you read 10 books during the summer.  If all of your books are set in a North American country, you get 10 points.  If at least one was set in Europe, your 10 books would get you 20 points.  If you are really adventurous and read books from all seven continents, other planets and mythical places; your ten books would give you 180 points.

We included other planets and mythical places in order to include science fiction and fantasy readers.  Often times in these genres the setting is not on any of the seven continents.

You can print off your Reading Challenge form from the library website.  You may also send an email to enroll in the Novel Destinations Reading Challenge this summer.

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