Wednesday, May 18, 2011

U S 20 Journey 2011 Stops at the SSC Library

The South Sioux City Public Library, 2121 Dakota Avenue, South Sioux City, Nebraska is proud to host Michael Czarnecki, on his trip across the nation via U S Highway 20. The poet and author will share stories, poems and photographs from his travels across the nation’s longest highway, on Monday May 23rd at 6:30 p.m.

Michael Czarnecki is the author of 20 Days on Route 20, which chronicles the first time he crossed America.

“Starting from Boston, Route 20 traverses the northern third of the country, through a varied American landscape: rolling hills of New York State; mid-America farmland and villages; sprawling, bustling Chicago; Mississippi and Missouri rivers; Nebraska sandhills; Wyoming plateau country; Yellowstone National Park; lava fields; high desert; Cascade Mountains and finally, the Pacific.”

“This second printing 10 years after the journey, contains some slight revisions of the original text and brings back into print a fascinating journey across America on the longest US Route in the country.”
During his return journey Michael will share old and new stories from his travels across America’s heartland.

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