Friday, June 17, 2011

Flood Information Update

The following is a press release sent by the Dakota County Emergency Management team.
The river stage this morning was about 33.5 feet which is better than many anticipated in light of the Gavins Point release stepping up to 150,000 CFS on June 14th. While the outlook is positive no one should let their guard down.

Sandbag filling at the SSC compactor will end today. Several thousand bags are on the ready should they be needed on the levee and the operation can be started again when needed. Our thanks go out to all volunteers who have helped in this effort.

The Nebraska State Patrol reports that traffic around the levee was up a bit last night and that a group of four wheelers was stopped before they got to the levee. Maintaining the integrity of the levee is vital and no one should attempt to go onto it.

Planning is underway for the Nebraska State Patrol SWAT teams to turn levee security back over to the Dakota County Sheriff’s Department and the South Sioux City Police Department. The date of the change is not yet determined but will probably be sometime next week.
The Nebraska National Guard reported water was up in relation to the levee but the rise was not significant and was not causing any problems.

Dakota City reported its levee and other flood precautions are holding in good shape.

To date there have been no mandatory evacuations anywhere in Dakota County. Riverfront Apartments in SSC made a decision to evacuate tenants but that was a management decision. Other Dakota County and SSC residents have self-evacuated and those numbers are being gathered.
An evacuation plan has been filed with the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency and will be discussed at a meeting of officials. More will be released on that in the near future.

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