Monday, June 6, 2011

Update from Joe Johnson (Assistant City Administrator)

The EOC (Emergency Operation Center) is in place and operating. The phone number for the EOC is 402-494-7525. This is a centralized information center where all entities are reporting with updates to assure accurate and up to date information.

The levee system is currently at roughly 60% completion. The levee is on schedule to be completed by Tuesday, June 7th by midnight.

The Army Corps of Engineers has began their releases early, meaning that now the Missouri River is expected to reach 140,000 cfs by Wednesday, June 8th. The Corps will have released the full 150,000 cfs by June 14th. NOTE: The inundation map is based on this 150,000 release, so the inundation map will not change. There is still only one inundation map and it is still current.

We have created and uploaded a Levee Progress map that can be downloaded by clicking here.

from the 2011 Flood Information Page on the city of South Sioux City website.

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