Saturday, September 24, 2011

The following is from a press release from the Nebraska Forest Service.
OMAHA—As floodwaters recede along the Missouri River, property owners face some tough questions. Are trees in damaged areas still alive? Are they safe to walk under, drive under? Are root systems exposed or buried under debris? What can be done to assess present, and even future, damage? Are there things that can be done to minimize damage done by the flooding?

A series of workshops from Nebraska Forest Service is designed to answer questions about landscape care related to flooding. Graham Herbst of the Nebraska Forest Service said the goal is to get as much information out as possible, “to minimize the risk to people, property and infrastructure.”

Herbst said the free sessions aimed at homeowners will include a panel discussion by tree care professionals and will allow time for questions and answers. If participants want to bring photos of flood damage, Herbst said, they will address individual issues as time allows. In Omaha, a workshop for tree industry and government professionals will precede the homeowner workshop. The sessions willbe taped for an online video series to be available at a later date.

For more information about the workshops, call Graham Herbst at 402/444-7804. More information about the workshops and about dealing with flood damage can be found at: .
The workshop to be held in South Sioux City is:
Workshops on Caring for Flood-damaged Trees on Monday, Sept. 26 at the South Sioux City High School Auditorium, 3301 G Street

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