Thursday, November 17, 2011

South Sioux City Public Library is Now on Google+

The following is a library column published today in the Dakota County Star newspaper page A7.

South Sioux City Public Library is now on Google+
Thanks to the creation of pages for businesses, the South Sioux City Public Library is now on Google+.   Google+ is yet another way in which we are seeking to reach out to our world with library services.  We are also on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Connect with us to share ideas and give us feedback on our services.
 Holiday Hours
The library will open for the convenience of our patrons until 8pm Wednesday November 23rd.  We will close for the November holidays on Thursday and Friday November 24th and 25th.  We will reopen on Saturday November 26th at 9am.
 A Time for Giving ThanksWith a little more than a month from the end of 2011, one tends to think back on that for which we are thankful.  Doing a  very unscientific poll of library staff as to the reasons they are thankful; I found a common refrain was that of family.  Each expressed that they were thankful for the health and love of their families.  A second common thought was thankfulness for a great place in which to work and great patrons to whom we give our service.
 Youth Librarian, Odessa Meyer, offered this statement of thanksgiving:
 “Thankfulness: is a conscious recognition of benefits received. The benefits I have received in the last couple years are too many to number. I found a place in this world and peoples lives where I believe I belong and that is an amazing feeling. I am so very thankful for all those people (family, friends and acquaintances) that have helped me find my way here. I am the person I am today because of benefits I have received from them. I am, and always will be, eternally grateful to each person who has given a smile to brighten my day, a caring word to show they care, a friendly gesture to say they were thinking of me, or even yes, a word or two that I might not have liked but needed to hear. I am truly blessed for all those people and things within my life! For each of them, I am truly thankful.” ~ Odessa  Upcoming Computer ClassesThis is a short week with a full schedule of classes.
 Monday Nov 21 10am   Keyboard Mouse Skills: Double-click, Right-click, Scroll… If you get overwhelmed by knowing what all to do and when to do it with your computer mouse, step into this class and learn! Your mouse and keyboard are the ways you communicate with your computer; the more you know the more you can make your computer work for you!
 Monday Nov 21   2pm   Everything Google: Welcome to the wonderful world of Google.  Learners will discover some about Gmail, iGoogle, Google Documents, Google calendar, Google Books and more.
 Monday Nov 21   6pm   Blogging Basics: We will cover how to create a blog, use templates to create the look you want and how to add fun stuff to your blog.
 Tuesday Nov 22   6pm   Microsoft Word 1: We want you to become familiar with Microsoft Word 2007, so to begin we will start with basic terminology, how to accomplish everyday tasks such as creating a new document, saving a document, spell checking, change text and printing.
 Wednesday Nov 23   11am   Microsoft Excel 2: Did you know that Excel has a way to input math calculations right on your worksheet? There are ways to edit the cells in the worksheet such as alignments, borders, font changes, background, etc.
 Wednesday Nov 23   2pm   Twitter Basics: An introduction to signing-up, creating a profile and using the service to find friends and/ or use Twitter for a news source.  Patrons will have the opportunity to have two Twitter friends by the end of the class.
 Latest in CookbooksThe colder weather of November and December make it a popular time to do more cooking at home.  The following are some of our latest cookbooks that are sure to please. Paula Dean’s Southern Cooking Bible The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook by Brent Ridge Guy Fieri Food:  More than 150 off-the-hook Recipes Heartland:  the Cookbook by Judith Fertig
 And finally we have Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 3 by Todd Wilbur. The library staff wishes each of you a great week.

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