Wednesday, January 18, 2012

February Technology Classes

We have made some changes to our       technology classes for the month of         February.  We have added a drive time class at 5 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays.  We will continue to have our afternoon classes on Monday and Wednesday and evening classes on Monday and Wednesday.

Wed Feb 1, 11am: Windows Basics:
Wed Feb 1, 2pm: Search Engines:
Mon Feb 6,  5pm  : Microsoft Word 3:
Mon Feb 6, 6pm: Facebook for Your Business:
Tues Feb 7, 5:30pm: How to Search the Internet:  
Wed Feb 8, 11am: Windows Basics 2:
Wed Feb 8, 2pm: Twitter Basics:
Thurs Feb 9, 5pm: Microsoft Publisher 1:
 Mon Feb 13,  5pm: Microsoft Excel 1:
Tues Feb 14, 5:30pm: Setting Up A Yahoo Email Account
Wed Feb 15, 11am: Windows Basics 3:
Wed Feb 15, 1pm: E-book Readers:
Wed Feb 15, 2pm: Blogging Basics:
Wed Feb 15, 6pm: E-book Readers:
Thurs Feb 16, 5pm: Microsoft Publisher 2: 
Tues Feb 21, 5:30pm: Yahoo Messenger: 
Wed Feb 22, 11am: Smartphone App’s:
Wed Feb 22, 2pm: Google's Documents Spotlight:
Mon. Feb. 27, 5pm:  Microsoft Excel 2
Tues. Feb 28, 5:30pm:  Job and Career Accelerator
Wed.  Feb. 29, 11am:  Know Your Computer
Wed. Feb, 29, 2pm:  Online Bookmarking and Note Talking

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