Thursday, January 12, 2012

Great Americans: Elvis Presley

Elvis:  His Life in Pictures (782.421 ELV)

Elvis in Hawai'i by Jerry Hopkins (782.421 HOP)

Elvis by Albert Goldman (BIO PRE)

Elvis by Dave Marsh (BIO PRE)

Last Train to Memphis:  the Rise of Elvis Presley by Peter Guralnick (BIO PRE)

Elvis, My Brother by Billy Stanley (BIO PRE)

Elvis and Gladys by Elaine Dundy (BIO PRE)

Elvis and the Colonel by Dirk Vellenga (BIO PRE)

Down at the End of Lonely Street:  The Life and Death of Elvis Presley by Peter H. Brown (Bio PRE)

Elvis and Me by Priscella Beaulieu Presley (BIO PRE)

Are You Lonesome Tonight:  the Untold Story of Elvis Presley's One True Love and the Child He Never Had by Lucy de Barbin (BIO PRE)

Baby Let's Play House:  Elvis Presley and the Women Who Loved Him by Alanna Nash (BIO PRE)

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