Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Great Americans: Louis Armstrong

The following are materials that students who are writing a paper on Louis Armstrong should consider.  If students need more information consult the encyclopedia under (Armstrong, Louis or Jazz)

Louis Armstrong:  Live '59 (DVD 0345) Live performance on DVD

Pop Memories of the '60's:  Hello Dolly (MCD ROCK POP) Recording

Great African Americans in Jazz by Carlotta Hacker (J 781.65 HAC) Pages 4-7

The NPR Curious Listener's Guide to Jazz by Loren Schoenberg ( 781.65 SCH) Biography on Pages 84-86

Eyewitness Music by Neil Ardley (J 780 ARD) Very brief section on Louis Armstrong

When Louis Armstrong Taught Me Scat by Muriel Weinstein (E WEI)

Jazz A-B-Z by Wynton Marsilis (J 811 MAR)

Internet Resources

Louis Daniel Armstrong biographical sketch

Louis Armstrong Biography

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