Monday, April 9, 2012

Yes, You Do Need to Have a Computer/ Internet for the "Magic Jack Plus"

Magic Jack is a popular product that advertises telephone service for extremely low prices.  A recent set of commercials are telling people that you don't need to plug the new "Magic Jack Plus" into your computer, just register it and plug it into your router.

After doing some researching, I found out the following:

In order to register your "Magic Jack Plus":

"In order to register your device you need to first connect it to your computer directly via the usb port,  you can not register device if its connected to the router....  "


How can I register Magic Jack Plus?

For installation instructions on the Magic Jack Plus go to 
The process of plugging the "Magic Jack Plus" directly into the router (Option 2) simply allows the user to turn off their computer.  It does not mean the the "Magic Jack" can be run without a computer and internet in the house.

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