Friday, June 15, 2012

Guest Post: Small Business Survey ranked Nebraska small business owners as the most optimistic in the country

The following guest blog post is written by Sander Daniels of Thumbtack Inc.  I asked him to share the good news about small business in Nebraska that was unearthed in a recent Thumbtack survey.

The weak state of the national economy has some small business owners feeling gloomy, but not so in the Cornhusker State. The 2012 Small Business Survey ranked Nebraska small business owners as the most optimistic in the country about their future financial situation.

With the highest reported revenue growth rate and second best reported overall financial health in the nation, it’s no wonder Nebraska’s entrepreneurs are feeling so great. Add to that having the fourth lowest costs of hiring a new employee nationwide, and it becomes clear why Nebraska placed among the top ten friendliest states for small business.

Part of this can also be attributed to a relaxed licensing environment that makes it easier for people to start new businesses. Business owners generally don’t have to fill out too many forms or deal with much bureaucratic red tape. A wedding planner in Sarpy County wrote that We operate as a sole proprietorship, and the only requirement is a state sales tax form.”

While the state provides a highly friendly overall small business climate that provides numerous training programs for small business owners, one area where Nebraska could stand to improve significantly is in providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate. Small business owners were unaware of any state or local government programs for networking. “My state supports small businesses with ease of information, yet I see no programs for networking that are state sponsored” said a contractor in Douglas.”

A lack of networking programs not withstanding, this is an exciting time for small business in Nebraska. Small business owners are feeling bullish, and the combination of a friendly business environment with a very low cost of hiring new employees should enable Nebraskan enterprises to grow with ease. One should likely see an increase in hiring during the next several months, and the state’s already low 4.7% unemployment rate could tick even lower. 


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