Tuesday, June 25, 2013

In Kind Donations Not Needed for OK Tornadoes

The following is from Merrilee White, Director of Emergency Management & Volunteer Services, Volunteer Florida

Please share with your networks that OK has been overwhelmed with unneeded donated goods and has requested our help in stemming the tide.  If you hear of local drives for food, clothing or other donated goods, please advise the organizers NOT to send additional donated goods into Oklahoma.  Instead of sending goods, several more helpful options are suggested:

·         Selling collected items and donating the cash to Oklahoma’s OK STRONG Disaster Relief Fund
·         Donating non-food items to local thrift stores or other nonprofits
·         Donating food to local food banks, which might ultimately benefit OK via the Feeding America network, IF food is needed

Please help the Moore, OK relief effort by sharing this message widely!


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Unknown said...

Merrilee - Thanks for mentioning us! We continue to support the community affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma.

Feeding America staff