Wednesday, October 30, 2013

EBSCO Updates and Enhancements to the EBSOChost

The following are some updates and enhancements to EBSCO omhifile and EBSCO biographies.from Nebraskaccess.  

Search Box area
•                    The "Add a Row" has been replaced with +/-.
•                    The "Clear" button has been removed in favor of an "x" on the right side of the Find field when a single Find field is displayed.

Search Results
•                    Updated styling, including the font, allows for additional display space.
•                    Streamlined layout relocates the number of records returned by the search to directly above the Results List and page navigation to the bottom below the results.
•                    Selecting a Limiter, such as Full Text, will immediately update the Results List without the need to click an “Update” button.
•                    The “Preview” and “Folder” icons move to align together to the right side of the column, maintaining a consistent location. Publication type icons now appear below the title.
•                    Preview hover is now centered inside the screen.

•                    Expand/Collapse controls move to the outside corners (includes right column).

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