Wednesday, October 23, 2013

November/ December Technology Classes

Tues  Nov 5- 10am:  Microsoft Excel 3
Tues  Nov 5-12pm:  E-book Reader
Tues  Nov 5- 2pm: Keyboard Mouse Skills
Tues  Nov 5- 3pm:  Microsoft Word 3
Tues   Nov 5- 4pm: Setting Up an Email Account
Tues   Nov 5- 5:30pm: Windows Basics 3
Wed  Nov 6- 5:30pm:   Clean Up Your Computer
 Thurs  Nov 7- 10am:  Keyboard Mouse Skills
Thurs  Nov 7- 11am:  Microsoft Publisher 3
Thurs   Nov 7- 2pm:  Nebraska Access
Thurs  Nov 7- 3:30pm:  Facebook for Your Business
Thurs  Nov 7- 5pm:   Tech Thursday
Thurs  Nov 7- 6pm:  E-book Reader
Mon  Nov 11- 3pm:  E-book Reader
Mon  Nov 11- 5pm:  Keyboard Mouse Skills
Mon  Nov 11- 6pm:  E-book Reader
 Tues  Nov 12- 10am:  Setting Up an Email Account
Tues  Nov 12-12pm:  E-book Reader
Tues  Nov 12- 2pm: Windows Basics
Tues  Nov 12- 3pm:  Microsoft Excel 1
Tues   Nov 12- 4pm: Clean Up Your Computer
Tues   Nov 12- 5:30pm: PowerPoint 1
Wed  Nov 13- 5:30pm:   PowerPoint 2
Thurs  Nov 14- 10am:  Windows Basics
Thurs  Nov 14- 11am: Microsoft Publisher 1
Thurs   Nov 14- 2pm:  Microsoft Publisher 2
Thurs  Nov 14- 3:30pm:   Microsoft Publisher 3
Thurs  Nov 14- 5pm:   Tech Thursday
Thurs  Nov 14- 6pm:  E-book Reader
 Mon  Nov 18- 3pm:  E-book Reader
Mon  Nov 18- 5pm:  Windows Basics
Mon  Nov 18- 6pm:  E-book Reader
 Tues  Nov 19- 10am:  Know Your Computer
Tues  Nov 19-12pm:  E-book Reader
Tues  Nov 19- 2pm: Windows Basics 2
Tues  Nov 19- 3pm:  Microsoft Excel 2
Tues   Nov 19- 4pm: Job and Career Accelerator
Tues   Nov 19- 5:30pm: Clean Up Your Computer
 Wed  Nov 20- 5:30pm:   Microsoft Word 1
 Thurs  Nov 21- 10am:  Windows Basics 2
Thurs  Nov 21- 6pm:  E-book Reader
Mon  Dec 2- 3pm:  E-book Reader
Mon  Dec 2- 5pm:  Windows Basics
Mon  Dec 2- 6pm:  E-book Reader
 Tues  Dec 3- 10am:  Keyboard Mouse Skills
Tues  Dec 3-12pm:  E-book Reader
Tues  Dec 3- 2pm: Windows Basics 2
Tues  Dec 3- 3pm:  Windows Basics 3
Tues   Dec 3- 4pm: Know Your Computer
Tues   Dec 3- 5:30pm: Keyboard Mouse Skill
 Wed  Dec 4- 5:30pm:   Windows Basics
 Thurs  Dec 5- 10am:  Clean Up Your Computer
Thurs  Dec 5- 11am: Facebook Basics
Thurs   Dec 5- 2pm:  Twitter Basics
Thurs  Dec 5- 3:30pm:  Blogging Basics
Thurs  Dec 5- 5pm:   Tech Thursday
Thurs  Dec 5- 6pm:  E-book Reader
 Mon  Dec 9- 3pm:  E-book Reader
Mon  Dec 9- 5pm:  Windows Basics 2
Mon  Dec 9- 6pm:  E-book Reader
 Tues  Dec 10- 10am:  Windows Basics
Tues  Dec 10-12pm:  E-book Reader
Tues  Dec 10- 2pm: Microsoft Word 1
Tues  Dec 10- 3pm:  Microsoft Word 2
Tues   Dec 10- 4pm: Setting Up an Email Account
Tues   Dec 10- 5:30pm: Windows Basics 2

Wed  Dec 11- 5:30pm:   Windows Basics 3

 Thurs  Dec 12- 10am: Job and Career Accelerator
Thurs  Dec 12- 11am: Search Engines
Thurs   Dec 12- 2pm:  How to Search the Internet
Thurs  Dec 12- 3:30pm:   Using Reference Sources
Thurs  Dec 12- 5pm:   Tech Thursday
Thurs  Dec 12- 6pm:  E-book Reader
 Mon  Dec 16- 3pm:  E-book Reader
Mon  Dec 16- 5pm:  Windows Basics 3
Mon  Dec 16- 6pm:  E-book Reader

Tues  Dec 17- 10am:  Windows Basics 2
Tues  Dec 17-12pm:  E-book Reader
Tues  Dec 17- 2pm: Microsoft Word 1
Tues  Dec 17- 3pm:  Microsoft Excel 1
Tues   Dec 17- 4pm: Job and Career Accelerator
Tues   Dec 17- 5:30pm: Clean Up Your Computer

Wed  Dec 18- 5:30pm:   Setting Up an Email Account
Thurs  Dec 19- 10am:  Setting Up an Email Account
Thurs  Dec 19- 11am: Internet Privacy.
Thurs  Dec 19- 2pm:  Nebraska Access
Thurs  Dec 19- 3:30pm:   Microsoft Publisher 1
Thurs  Dec 19- 5pm:   Tech Thursday
Thurs  Dec 19- 6pm:  E-book Reader

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