Monday, March 3, 2014

Navigating Twitter Part I

For many people, Twitter is a very different environment from Facebook.  One can say that Twitter is the world's largest coffee bar and Facebook is the world's largest reunion, but that does not explain how to navigate Twitter.   So this post is meant to help the new user understand and navigate the symbols of Twitter.

These are the symbols of Twitter.  What are they and what do they do.

Connections, Interactions, and Mentions 
If you are going to be interactive on Twitter, this is the most important symbol that you will need to know.  This symbol shows your Connections.  It includes both Interactions and Mentions.
Interactions are all the types of communication you have with people on Twitter and people on Twitter have with you.

Under the banner of interactions, we have:

Retweets:  Retweets are where you re-post something someone else you follow said.  Under interactions, you can see who has re-posted something that you posted.

Conversations:  The classic interaction is conversation.  When you want to talk with someone publicly, simply use the @ sign as in @ssclibrary to say something to the South Sioux City Public Library.  This is why I check interactions first things when I am on Twitter.  That way I can see any conversation that someone is sending to me so that I can respond.

Favorite-ing: is when someone saves one of your posts that they really like.  When someone Favorites what you have to say it shows up as @dlnieman favorited your post, and then it gives the post's title.  This tells you that people really like that you have to say, or at least they want to set it aside as something important to them.

Following:  Under interactions you can find out recent people who followed you.

 Finally,  for this particular blog post we have Mentioning.

Mentioning is any time you are mentioned by others on Twitter.  This includes conversations and retweets, but it also includes times when others mention you for one reason or another.  In the illustration to the left I mentioned @ssclibrary several times, by sending them recommendations of books that I would like for them to consider.

That gives us a good overview of the most important symbol you will use on Twitter.

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