Thursday, March 13, 2014

Navigating Twitter Part II

We are continuing to look at the navigation bar of Twitter.  Today we will look at the "home" and "discovery"  buttons on Twitter.

Home:  The home button is the place where you will find your timeline, or news feed to use Facebook terminology.  Here you will be able to read the tweets coming in from those you are following in real time.  This is the place where you can find out what your friends are doing in real time.

This is an example from the SSC Library news feed.

Home brings posts from your feed in real time.  

Discovery is where you find what your friends are retweeting. It gives you trends, which topics are the most popular in Twitter at any given moment.  The trends are where the hash tags # are so popular.  You can also get recommendations of people who you may want to follow.  

Note since I started this series some things have changed again at Twitter.  This is one of the big truths we have to understand.  In today's world we are always re-learning.  So get started and look for part three of this article at a later time.

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